Pixelated Galaxy Quilt Along

Welcome to the Pixelated Galaxy Quilt along!!

Want to sew along with us?  Here's how it works!

Visit us June 1st for all of the material you need to pick and purchase your fabrics!

Then, blocks are released the 1st of the month from July 2023 to July 2024. Purchase the block or use a code from us (if you purchased the fabric from us) or a participating store to get the block for free for the first week.

Each block will have a video talking about it when the block goes live! This will include tips and tricks for assembly, any cool features you can get for the block and any interesting facts about the subject of the block.

When the block is released, you can click on the block name below to easily find it and the corresponding video!

Purchase the fabric for the entire quilt (and get a code good for every block) here! (Individual block fabric will also be available when the block is released).

Complete Fabric Bundle

Introduction Video

1 - Mars - July 2023

2 - Pluto - August 2023
3 - Earth - September 2023
4 - Comet - October 2023
5 - Sun - November 2023
6 - Venus - December 2023
7 - Jupiter - January 2024
8 - Mercury - February 2024
9 - Saturn - March 2024
10 - Uranus - April 2024
11 - Galaxy Spiral - May 2024
12 - Neptune - June 2024
Assembly and Sashing - July 2024


Now let's get sewing!