Design & Create your own Pixelated Patterns

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Designing Block Quilts: Design & Create your own Pixelated Patterns - PDF Vesion

Now you can create your own pixel quilts. Learn the basics of pixel quilt design and patterning to create your very own designs!

Learn the math behind making your own designs, how to design your sprite, and then three different ways you can pattern your quilt depending how you want the finished quilt to look.

Chapter 1: The Math of Design
Chapter 2: Designing Your Sprite
Chapter 3: Different Ways to Make your Pattern
Chapter 4: Each Pixel = Each Square
Chapter 5: The Quiltoni way to Pattern

Toni has been selling her original comic book and video game quilts at conventions for years. Her pattern line of pixelated quilts teach the basics of quilting, while teaching experienced quilters new techniques. She also travels to teach classes, lecture, and give trunk shows.